Digital Smile Design (DSD): The Design of the Perfect Smile

Digital Smile Design (DSD): The Design of the Perfect Smile

By Dr. Óscar Guzmán. Dentist

Digital Smile Design (DSD) is an innovative tool that significantly aids in the diagnosis of dental treatment. It is a revolutionary approach in aesthetic dentistry that utilizes digital technology to create the perfect smile. DSD is a design and planning process that combines dental aesthetics with digital technology to deliver highly personalized and satisfying results for patients. It takes into account the proportions of teeth, gums, lips, and other facial features. The entire DSD process is completely customized.

This new technology at OG Center allows for much more precise treatment planning. While prioritizing oral health, Digital Smile Design takes into consideration relevant aesthetic aspects that contribute to the patient’s self-esteem. And the most exciting part: patients can see the outcome and provide feedback before it is implemented. At OG Center, we can’t imagine any other way of doing it.

The process of digital smile design is straightforward. Different images and video samples are taken to perform simulations using sophisticated software.

At OG Center, we stand out for our continuous adaptation to technology. With Digital Smile Design, the relationship between the dentist and the patient becomes more seamless and natural, aiming to achieve the perfect result: the smile you’ve always dreamed of.

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