We change lives by transforming smiles through the innovative All on X technique

All on X is a state-of-the-art implantology technique that involves replacing a full arch of missing teeth using 4 or more dental implants. This technique entails strategically placing the dental implants in the bone, which serve as anchors for a dental restoration that can support a complete set of replacement teeth in both the upper and lower arches, all in a single day.
At OG, we offer this technique as an effective treatment option for patients who have lost most or all of their teeth and are seeking a permanent and reliable solution to restore their smile and regain the ability to eat and speak comfortably.

How is All on X performed?

This procedure is carried out in two stages:

During the first stage, when the patient arrives at the clinic, a tomography is performed, along with photographs for case design. The patient then proceeds to a consultation appointment where the doctor explains the procedure in detail and addresses any questions or concerns they may have. The surgery is then scheduled for the following day, as the patient requires preoperative preparation if they choose to undergo IV sedation.
On the day of the surgical procedure, the implants are placed, and a temporary aesthetic prosthesis is fitted over them. The implants require a healing time for osseointegration to occur (the process by which the jawbone integrates the implant as if it were a natural root and anchors it). This healing process typically lasts for 4 to 6 months.
In the second stage, once the healing process is complete and the implants have fully integrated with the bone, we proceed with the fabrication of the definitive prosthesis. The patient actively participates in this process, choosing the shape, color, and size of the teeth, with the assistance of our laboratory team. Most importantly, we provide a lifetime guarantee for our treatments.

What are the advantages of the All on X technique?
There are many advantages to this procedure, including:
• It offers a permanent solution for restoring your smile.
• Complete smile reconstruction in a single day.
• Improves the strength, stability, and retention of the prosthesis.
• Prevents future bone loss.
• Enhances access to oral hygiene.
• The patient experiences immediate aesthetic and functional improvements from the outset.

What are the materials?
We use biocompatible materials approved by the FDA, such as medical-grade Titanium and dental Zirconia, for the permanent prostheses.


To determine the exact investment for the treatment, it is necessary to have an evaluation with our specialist, as each case is different and requires different solutions. However, compared to the USA or Canada, our treatment costs 50% to 70% less, without compromising the quality of the treatment. We import materials from the United States and have internationally trained professional teams. Here, I would include a frequently asked questions section.

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